This Holy Week, Awaken Your Faith

Take a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land

It’s the most sacred week of the year. The time when we remember what Christ did for humanity. So how do we slow down and enter faithfully into this special time with God? Prayerfully enter into Holy Week through this at-home pilgrimage as you contemplate each moment that leads up to God’s greatest gift, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Watch each moment of the week — and your faith — come alive through this online, communal pilgrimage experience.

Journey to Where it All Began

Daily videos from experienced Holy Land guides

Sign up for FREE daily videos that will serve as a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land during Holy Week. Each day, tour the sites of the Holy Land that track Jesus’ most-important journey from outside Jerusalem to his Death and Resurrection. Watch the sites and stories come alive as you see the real places where it all happened and get expert insight from local tour guides. These videos are produced by Verso Ministries partner Voice of Faith exclusively for this at-home pilgrimage experience.

Sign up for FREE daily videos that will serve as a virtual pilgrimage to the Holy Land during Holy Week.


Enjoy the VIP Pilgrimage Experience

Available for just $29 per family!

Go deeper into each day of the Holy Week virtual pilgrimage with a special, 90 page companion resource titled “Unforgettable: Contemplating the Mysteries of Holy Week.” This downloadable PDF contains daily scripture readings, reflections, prayers, and pilgrimage site facts to accompany each video.

As a VIP pilgrim, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group and three virtual mini-retreat sessions which will serve as a time for shared prayer, contemplation of each day’s theme, and small group discussions with fellow pilgrims.

Ready to contemplate the mysteries of Holy Week?

What’s Included:

Are you a church, school, or ministry?

Special group pricing is available that will allow you to share this resource with everyone in your faith community – at no extra cost to them.

Ready for the True Holy Land experience?

Register for a Holy Land pilgrimage this year.

Beginning this summer, in 2021, we’re taking pilgrims to the Holy Land once again. Join us for one of multiple dates in 2021 and 2022 to visit the most important spiritual spots in the world. Walking where Jesus walked and experiencing God closer than ever before.

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