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  • What is pilgrimage?

    What is a Pilgrimage?

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    Why is pilgrimage part of so many religions? Why does a Christian go on pilgrimage?

    The Pilgrimage Difference

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    So you’re going on a pilgrimage… what exactly does that mean?

    A Pilgrim Stands in front of columns at ancient site.

    What Do You Do on a Pilgrimage?

    Open yourself up to new ideas, cultures, and ways of being as you experience life, travel, and pilgrimage to the fullest.
    A metaphor of one of the benefits of going on a pilgrimage, a highway comes into sharp focus through a camera lens.

    5 Benefits of Going on a Pilgrimage

    Put your life into focus, see God and your community differently, and so much more. Here a few of the biggest benefits of going on
    Pilgrims walk on the top of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

    7 Reasons to go on a Catholic Pilgrimage

    Catholic Pilgrimage is about so much more than visiting holy sites. Discover the depth and significance and relationships that will become your reasons to go
    Pilgrim stands on a mountain at dusk with another mountain summit in the distance.

    What Does “Pilgrim” Mean?

    "Pilgrim" means a lot of different things to lots of people. If you're wondering what we mean when we say "pilgrim," read on. You might
    Silhouette of a man walking against a pink sky during pilgrimage.

    What is a Catholic Pilgrimage?

    Thinking of going on a Catholic pilgrimage? Discover what it really means, some popular misconceptions, and a bit of history.
    Two children playing piggyback.

    The Pilgrim as the One who Plays

    "I saw them remembering who they are in the eyes of God – children. I saw the deep satisfaction they felt in settling into that
  • Travel Trips

    5 Packing Tips for your Upcoming Pilgrimage

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    Packing for your pilgrimage can be daunting, but we’re here to help!

    Travel Anxieties?

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    It’s natural to be nervous when traveling, especially overseas or to a new place. We have three tips for you if you’re preparing for a trip and facing a bit of nervousness!

    Adapters? Converters? Your Power Questions Answered!

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    What’s the difference between an adapter and a converter? Heading overseas and wondering what you need to charge your phone? Laptop? Hairdryer? We have answers!

    How to Overcome a Fear of Travel

    Fear of traveling is something that we talk about often now, accompanied by phrases like “increased exposure” and “calculated risk” -- phrases that weren’t part
    A stain glass image of Jesus suffering during Crucifixion.

    Suffering on Pilgrimage and How to Embrace It

    The suffering that we may encounter on pilgrimage is emotional. It is physical. It is spiritual. Since suffering (or sacrifice of some kind)

    An example of a foreign outlet needing power adapters and converters for American electronics.

    Power Adapters and Converters: What You Need to Know Before Your Next International Trip

    Headed overseas? Discover the difference between power adapters and converters and choose the right one for you.
    A group of Catholic pilgrims gather for the Eucharist with monstrance held high.

    Leading Your Group on a Catholic Pilgrimage

    There’s so much that goes into planning a pilgrimage, but remember, you’re not alone. We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Pilgrim Spirituality

    A pilgrim finding God in silence atop a mountain

    Finding God in Silence

    “Then the Lord said: Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord; the Lord will pass by. There was a strong and violent

    Integrating Intentionality into Your Pilgrimage

    Embarking on a pilgrimage is more than just a physical journey; it’s a profound odyssey of the heart and spirit. Each step you take, each

    Processing Your Mountaintop Experiences

    As you navigate the processing of your pilgrimage experience, consider embracing the parallels that can be drawn between your personal journey and the profound encounter

    Two pilgrims looking out atop a mountain as a metaphor for becoming the best versions of themselves.

    Becoming the Best Version of Yourself Through Pilgrimage

    "Pilgrimage is a chance to pray, build fellowship, and worship in a space designed to heighten your awareness of the spiritual. It’s why many pilgrims
    A diverse crowd of pilgrims at World Youth Day

    A Shared Journey: How Pilgrimage Encourages Diversity and Unity

    “A pilgrimage reminds us that this world is God’s world, and that whether we are standing in the Tomb of Jesus, hiking the Camino or
    A pilgrim with a wide-brimmed hat stands looking out over a mountain range.

    How to Be Adventurous

    "The pilgrim’s mindset is the key to becoming more adventurous."

    Where Home and Pilgrimage Meet

    You don't have to visit a far-off holy space in order to hear God’s voice or to feel his presence. Discover several ways to experience God's
    A journal with pen and flower laid on top.

    5 Ways to Pray Before and During your Pilgrimage

    It is easy to get swept up in practical preparations for your pilgrimage and neglect your own spiritual needs. Ask yourself where in

  • Journaling

    How to Journal

    Seven steps on how to grow closer to God through journaling.


  • Holy Land

    What is the Transfiguration?

    August 6 marks a sacred celebration within the Catholic Church – The Feast of the Transfiguration. This day commemorates one of the most pivotal moments

    Many of the first Catholic Saints of the Holy Land are shown at the Holy Sepulchre - the Apostles

    Two Modern Catholic Saints of the Holy Land You Need To Know About Today

    Discover the extraordinary lives of the first Palestinian nuns to gain sainthood in modern times.
    A crowd of people walking around the street of Old Jerusalem.

    How to Stay Safe and Confident in the Holy Land

    Bottom line: Many people who journey to the Holy Land testify that they never once felt unsafe.
    Trees in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.

    Did You Know? 5 Surprising Facts About the Holy Land

    You may be looking at the same trees that surrounded Jesus as he prayed.
    Man in boots holding a leather backpack.

    How to Prepare for Your Holy Land Pilgrimage

    God is going to do something amazing to your heart during this pilgrimage, and the best way to experience it is to cultivate a spirit
    Baskets filled with spices.

    Two Simple Recipes from the Holy Land for Friday

    Try these simple recipes from the Holy Land for a meat-free Friday this Lent.

  • Italy

    Why Rome?

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    Why is Rome important? Why did Peter go there? What does it tell us about the Church and our mission?

    The Papacy

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    What are the Scriptural roots of the Papacy? Why is the Bishop of Rome the Pope?

    A couple walking down a street in Rome.

    How to Prepare for Your Trip to Rome

    Rome is a truly magical place and if you follow our guide, you’re about to have the journey of a lifetime.
    City-scape often seen during a pilgrimage to Rome.

    What to See on Pilgrimage in Rome

    Whether you’re planning your first trip to the eternal city or returning for the 10th time, this guide is for you.
    A picture of the cieling of St. Peter's Basilica.

    Finding the Saints in Rome

    The Eternal City is the final home to many of the Church’s most prominent saints.

    The 7 Traditional Pilgrimage Churches of Rome

    Follow the path St. Philip Neri began over 500 years ago to connect pilgrims with 7 churches tied to early Church Saints.

    A dark corridor.

    Visiting Jesus – A Walking Pilgrimage in Rome

    "It was a simple reminder that we need not wait to visit Jesus more often."

    John Paul reflects on his walking pilgrimage in Rome on Holy

  • France

    A stack of luggage packed for a pilgrimage to France.

    What to Pack for a Pilgrimage to France

    Preparing to travel abroad doesn’t have to turn into a daunting endeavor. Instead, it can be a hope-filled experience laced with the excitement of what's
    A basillica that is home to one of the many saints of France.

    Finding the Saints of France

    Discover some of the great saints of France!
    The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, one of the top France pilgrimage sites.

    6 Things You Can’t Miss on Pilgrimage to France

    When you think of France, you probably think of the food, wine, and rich culture the French have. France is also home to many of
    Image overlooking Paris with Eiffel Tower in background.

    Pilgrimage with the Universal Church in France

    I was recently on a pilgrimage to France tracing the roots of the Holy Cross Congregation including the sisters, brothers, and priests. Going to France,

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

    5 Parisian Street Foods You Need to Try

    Try some of the best Parisian foods without paying an arm and a leg.

  • Portugal

    The cityscape of Lisbon, Portugal, home to many Catholic holy sites.

    6 Must-See Holy Sites Near Lisbon, Portugal

    Going to World Youth Day in 2023? Check out these holy sites near Lisbon, Portugal while you're there.
    Marian shrines in Europe to visit on pilgrimage.

    5 Must Visit Marian Shrines in Europe

    Travel to France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom to visit some of the best Marian shrines in Europe.
  • Spain

    A person with hands leaned over railing looking out into forest.

    Prepare Spiritually for the Camino

    Meditate on why you decided to take this leap of faith and and what you are hoping to get from this pilgrimage.
    Pilgrim walking along path into a town.

    5 Things to Know Before Walking the Camino

    Thousands have travelled the Camino, but there is no “perfect pilgrim” — we’re all on our own journey. Be open minded and take everything as
    Backpack on the side of a hill.

    How to Pack for the Camino

    Deciding to travel the Camino is a big step. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for this pilgrimage, including what to pack.
  • Mexico

    An image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City.

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Lady of Guadalupe

    On December 12th of each year, the Catholic Church celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe. This day commemorates the Virgin Mary appearing to Saint Juan Diego,