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Verso L'alto

Verso Ministries is a Catholic pilgrimage company helping people explore the world and discover what God has in store for them. We do so in the spirit of our patron saint, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. 

Nearly 100 years ago, Frassati wrote the words “Verso l’alto” on a now iconic picture of him as he scales the side of a cliff. Literally, the words mean “to the top” or “towards the heights.”

Metaphorically, the phrase means, “orient your entire life toward God.” In all that you do, in all that you are, seek the path that leads you to God. Blessed Pier Giorgio is a beautiful witness to living out this mantra. 

So, together, let’s seek the path, encounter the sacred, and share the story so that others may join us. 

Photo (c) Associazione Pier Giorgio Frassati, Rome.  Used with permission.

Our Team

John Paul Lichon

Founder and CEO

John Paul spent 10 years in parish and college ministry before taking the dive to start Verso Ministries. He’s always had an entrepreneurial inkling, as he’s always sought new and dynamic ways to spread the Gospel. He is passionate about the practice of pilgrimage and the ways in which a pilgrim’s heart and mind can be transformed by an encounter with God on a pilgrimage. He resides in South Bend, Indiana, with his wife and two children.

To read about the moment when Verso MInistries was born, visit our blog.

Stephanie Petrie


Stephanie has been traveling internationally since she was 16 years old and spent her 20’s studying theology and working in ministry. One of her greatest joys is seeing how different cultures glorify God and how each place she has visited influences her journey of faith. She resolutely believes in the power of pilgrimage to impact people’s lives and invite them to respond to God’s invitation to be who He made them to be. She coordinates the logistical and spiritual components of pilgrimages. Stephanie proudly calls South Bend, Indiana, home.

Brooke Kostielney

Director of Marketing

A summer spent studying in Córdoba, Argentina while a student at Saint Mary’s College sparked Brooke’s appreciation for the art of travel and the exploration of other cultures. Brooke is proud to answer God’s call to convert the hearts and souls of others, and her own, through her work with Verso. Brooke resides in South Bend, Indiana, with her husband, Tommy, and their three spirited children. 

Verso summer 2021 intern Jo Diaco

Josephine Diaco

Sales/Marketing INtern

Although Jo has not traveled outside of the country for a pilgrimage, she has moved ten times and has lived in six different states within the U.S. She loves learning about the culture and Catholic history in each state she lives in, so she has viewed much of her life as a pilgrimage of sorts and is constantly wanting to grow in her relationship with God. Jo currently lives in Florida with her parents, her two brothers, and two dogs named Pinot and Barolo. Yes, like the wines! Jo is a rising Senior at the University of Notre Dame and studies Marketing and Italian. She loves the opportunity to combine her faith and her passion for creative business solutions at Verso Ministries.

Claire Trotter

operations Intern

Claire has loved international travel and learning about Catholic history ever since she first went to Rome with her choir in high school. Since then she has continued to travel internationally to other religious sites around the world, with the Holy Land still on her bucket list. Claire is from Orange County, California, and is currently a junior at the University of Notre Dame studying Business Technology and History.

Sarah Johnson

Office Assistant

Sarah’s pilgrimage of faith has led her from the study of theology at Notre Dame to pilgrimage to the Holy Land, into a Carmelite cloister, and out again. She is constantly amazed at the presence of God in both the ordinary and the extraordinary events of a life of growing faith and friendship in South Bend, IN.

Anne Horcher

Executive Assistant

Anne’s love for travel was sparked by a pilgrimage she took with her family in high school, and strengthened during her year abroad as a junior at Notre Dame. She is motivated by a call to build supportive communities and foster a spirit of hospitality, which she lived into during her time as a grad student at Notre Dame, where she worked in residence life. She is excited to explore and expand that call to hospitality at Verso and to combine her love for travel with her life of faith.

Dominic Dalla Valle

Operations Intern

Initiated by his undergraduate studies in theology, Dominic has become inspired to pursue a greater appreciation of the personal implications of what it means to embrace the Catholic faith. In particular, he continues to look back upon his pilgrimage trip to Rome and the Vatican in his sophomore year as an incredibly formative experience shaping his perspective of the global Church. Dominic is from the greater Chicagoland area and is currently a master’s student at the University of Notre Dame studying finance.

Thinking about going on a pilgrimage?

Climbing Higher


As we embark upon this pilgrimage together, guide my steps. While I cannot anticipate every twist and turn ahead, I trust that you will lead me and strengthen me, inviting me to discover beauty in ways I cannot imagine.

Give me the eyes to see your presence, the ears to hear your voice, and an open heart, ready to learn from each person, place, and story that I encounter.

Help me to look beyond myself and discover the world as you see it. Draw me closer to those around me. Encourage me to slow down, to let go of needless worry. Let my mind wander and my heart wonder at the unexpected, often ordinary ways you find me.

With this next step, no matter how small, meek, and humble, I show you my desire and my commitment, despite my imperfections, to answer your call to “Come, follow me,” to thirst after truth, justice, and love, and ultimately, to always find my path back to you, my eternal home.

Through the intercession of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, give me the strength, courage, and trust to discover everything that you have in store for me in this life and the next.


©Verso Ministries / Iconographer: Kelly Latimore