Europe is Reopening Soon for Summer Tourism

Verso Ministries is looking forward to international pilgrimage again, and now we have news the European Union will soon be reopening! Here are the details.

After being hit hard by the pandemic, Europe is reopening its border in preparation for summer tourism. The European Union has come to an agreement that will allow fully-vaccinated travelers, and those from a list of Covid-safe countries to enter this summer. This means there are two ways for tourists to enter the E.U.’s borders. 

First, travelers who have been fully vaccinated are allowed to travel to the bloc from anywhere, so long as they receive E.U.-approved vaccines. This list includes those from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Those fully vaccinated will be able to enter the bloc without needing to take a test or quarantine. 

The European Union has also created a list of Covid-safe countries. Visitors arriving from these countries can still enter if they test negative for the virus. 

Of course, the E.U. is allowing countries to set their own individual guidelines as well. Here’s an update on the countries Verso is planning to visit. 


Italy (Verso Pilgrimage to Rome)

Initially one of the hardest hit countries, Italy has seen steady declines in hospitalizations and new cases since March. By the end of May almost 40% of the population were at least partially vaccinated. 

Currently, visitors from the U.S. can visit Italy for any reason, so long as they get a negative test and quarantine for 10 days. However, they can skip the quarantine if they go on “Covid-tested flights” that require a test before and after the flight. They must also submit an E.U. digital passenger locator form.


Spain (Verso Pilgrimage to the Camino)

The second-most visited European country was also one of the hardest-hit countries during the pandemic. Now, however, they are lifting curfews and the population is quickly becoming vaccinated.

They recently announced that they will allow all fully-vaccinated travelers from anywhere in the world beginning June 7th. Tourists will need to provide proof of vaccination.


France (Verso Pilgrimage to Northern France)

As of mid-May, about 30% of France’s population had gotten at least one dose of vaccine. Their number of cases has dropped significantly since an end-of-March lockdown and vaccination campaign. 

France has targeted June 9th as the day they will reopen to foreign tourists, so long as Covid numbers remain stable. If they do reopen, travelers will be required to get a health pass, which will mean either being vaccinated or receiving a negative test. They are planning on releasing more details soon, and you can keep tabs on any updates on their website


Verso Ministries is continuing to stay up to date on all reopenings and travel requirements for all the countries we pilgrimage to. And we are constantly updating our departures, so be sure to check on where we’re headed to!


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