In Via: The Best and Worst of the Camino with Angie Bosio

"The camaraderie developed through adversity and shared prayers echoes the broader narrative of our shared human journey."

Embarking on the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage known for its profound impact on the spirit, Angie Bosio, a youth ministry professional and artist, takes us on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, faith, and community. Angie’s story is not just about traversing physical landscapes but also navigating the intricate pathways of personal growth and spirituality.

In this unique episode, we get to hear from Angie both before and after her Camino. We get to hear her initial apprehensions and excitement before setting foot on this ancient pilgrimage path. The Camino, for Angie, is not just a trek but a canvas waiting to be painted with her experiences and emotions.

Once on the trail, the challenges of the Camino are met with moments of euphoria like the pilgrim Mass in Santiago and the Botafumiero’s grand swing. Yet, it’s not without its tests; the second day’s combination of rain, blisters, and muscle pain brought Angie to a moment of introspection and reliance on her faith. The solidarity found in the shared struggle and subsequent celebrations epitomizes the duality of life’s grand pilgrimage – the hardships followed by triumphs.

Throughout the podcast, Angie touches upon the themes of community and the unexpected bonds forged on the Camino. The camaraderie developed through adversity and shared prayers echoes the broader narrative of our shared human journey. Angie’s reflections on these communal experiences remind us of the importance of gratitude, humility, and mutual support.

The concept of presence is a recurring motif in Angie’s story. The act of walking, with no escape from one’s thoughts, becomes a catalyst for self-awareness and confrontation of inner struggles. She discusses the importance of being present and how even a short pilgrimage can profoundly affect one’s life. Lastly, Angie contemplates the nature of slowing down. She shares insights on how the Camino experience has inspired her to be a better guide for others and to cherish the moments of simply being present. 

This episode not only captures Angie’s pilgrimage but also invites listeners to reflect on their paths, encouraging them to embrace their journeys with an open heart and a spirit of adventure.

Listen to this episode of our Podcast, In Via: Navigating the Pilgrimage of Life, hosted by Joan Watson on Apple Music, Spotify, or on our website.



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