Praying with the 3 Crowns of Mary

As we move through May, we pray for Mary’s continued guidance throughout our lives. This could even include guidance in preparing for a pilgrimage or guidance when contemplating such a venture.

One form of prayer that came to increased prominence through St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s emphasis on the graces granted through devotion to Mary is the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Acting as a condensed version of the rosary, this prayer consists of three Our Fathers and twelve Hail Marys broken into three sets of four between the Our Fathers. It honors the attributes that we strive for that Mary so perfectly lived out. 

By dividing the twelve Hail Marys into three group sets, these attributes are depicted through three crowns that make up Mary’s fuller crown of the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary  – the Crown of Excellence, the Crown of Power, and the Crown of Goodness. 

As you pray for your devotion to Mary through the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary this month, consider what each crown represents.

Crown of Excellence

We look to Mary’s purity as we pray. We contemplate how her life was not stained by sin and, because of this she could fully see God in her relationships and the events of her life. It allowed and continues to allow her to impact others’ lives and bestow graces on the lives of others.

Crown of Power

Mary’s magnificence instills in us a sense of confidence in her intercession. As the individual closest to Jesus, we strive for a similar relationship with Jesus. To know Him fully and know Him well and use this knowledge to better our own lives. By bettering our own lives, we improve our interactions with our neighbors.

Crown of Goodness

Mary’s mercy knows no bounds. As her Son was always ready and willing to forgive, so too is she. We pray to find the same forgiveness in our own lives – forgiveness of our personal sins and those of others. This sets us free to fully live our faith.

By keeping the context of each crown top of mind, it facilitates strong faith in our lives. It allows us to apply our faith throughout the various scenarios that accompany discernment.

Through full devotion to Mary, we see more completely how the crowns apply comprehensively to our faith – in relationship to her Son and with others. 

At Verso Ministries we pray that your May be filled with the many blessings brought through Mary’s intercession.



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