The 4 Best Reasons to Take Your Group to World Youth Day

From experiencing the unity of the church to a sacred encounter with Christ, here's why you'll want to consider heading to World Youth Day with Verso Ministries.

Thinking of taking your group to World Youth Day? It’s easily the biggest, most significant Catholic event for young people globally. Here are the four best reasons (in our opinion) you’ll want to take your group on this life-changing adventure.


1. Experience the Diversity and Unity of the Catholic Church in All its Glory

There are more countries represented at World Youth Day than the Olympics! Yes, really. It’s one of the most beautiful expressions of unity and diversity in the church, and dare we say, the world. There’s simply no better place to see the global Church than at World Youth Day where thousands upon thousands, even millions, of pilgrims come together to celebrate. When so many young people are feeling alone and searching for a place to belong, this event surrounds them, literally, with other young people that share their faith. 


2. Expand the Worldview of the Young People You Bring

There’s so much beauty in traveling abroad to learn about a new culture, taste different food, and meet people from different parts of the world. Not only will your group have the incredible experience of visiting a foreign place, they’ll interact often with young people from all over the world. It’s an invaluable experience at a young age to see beyond your own culture and expand your worldview at the same time. 


3. Change Your Young Pilgrims’ Lives Forever

Almost without exception, the pilgrims that go to World Youth Day leave inspired to live a life of faith. They come home encouraged and confident to live out their faith more sincerely, having witnessed the Catholic story on a world stage. They’ll carry with them the experience of throngs of people their own age celebrating the same God. They’ll have unforgettable memories of close conversations, cultural experiences, and possibly even their first in-person encounter with the Pope. At this pivotal moment in their lives, the opportunity to be inspired to a life of faith is essential, and there’s perhaps no better place and time than World Youth Day. 


4. The Best Reason of All: The Chance to Meet Jesus

Any pilgrimage is an opportunity to encounter the sacred, to meet the God who is alive and active in our world today. WYD is no different. When your pilgrims attend World Youth Day, not only do they get to experience a richness of culture, community, history, and faith, they will get an authentic encounter with the living God in prayerful and sacramental moments. They will get to hear words of wisdom from the bishops of the world. They will silently pray in Adoration with the Pope himself. And they will get endless moments of prayer, contemplation, and grace sprinkled throughout the experience. Your job? Help your pilgrims slow down, notice, and process these sacred moments which will be all around them.


All in all, it’s an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience! It’s also a form of organic evangelism — for both the young people traveling with you, and also the chaperones and other leaders on the trip. And though it’s an event geared toward the young, you and the other leaders will find you’re inspired by God working through the Church just as much. 


Bring Your Group to World Youth Day With an Experienced, Expert Travel Partner

We believe strongly in the power of World Youth Day and want to make sure as many people as possible get to experience it! That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive, turnkey solution for groups who want to go and are looking for an experienced, expert travel partner. We take care of the details, so you can focus on your ministry. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can partner together for a trip that’s as well-executed as it is inspiring.



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