Verso Hosts World Youth Day Webinar Series

Join us for a free webinar series designed for group leaders at any stage of the discernment process.

Dates for World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, have finally been announced! World Youth Day 2023 will take place August 1 – August 6, 2023, after postponement because of the COVID-19 pandemic. World Youth Day 2023 will be in Lisbon, Portugal, a location that will give many pilgrims to World Youth Day the chance to visit the Fátima apparition site.


Started in 1986 by Pope St. John Paul II, World Youth Day is an opportunity for youth and young adults, ages 16 – 35, from all over the world to come together for prayer, fellowship, and catechesis. It is an unforgettable chance for young people to see the impact they can have on the global Church. Highlights from the World Youth Day itinerary include a starlit vigil and a closing Mass with Pope Francis.


In order to help ministry leaders learn more about World Youth Day, including what planning a group pilgrimage to Lisbon in 2023 will entail, Verso Ministries is hosting a series of free webinars for group leaders at any stage of the discernment process. Topics for the webinar series will include an overview of what World Youth Day is and how to plan for it, a virtual tour of World Youth Day 2023 sites in Portugal, advice for fundraising, and an introduction to traveling with Verso Ministries. 


To register for this webinar series and start planning for World Youth Day 2023, visit the Verso Ministries website. All webinars will be available as recordings for ministry leaders unable to attend live.


Ready to start planning your group’s pilgrimage to WYD? Schedule a Discovery Call to get the ball rolling!



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