If we keep moving forward in trust, God will call us to meet him and do great things.

When the world keeps changing around you, what does it mean to keep moving forward? 


With all of the changes that we’ve gone through in the past two years, the idea of moving forward–or even moving anywhere at all–can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to see all of the chaos and fear of the pandemic as something we should shelter in and recover from, but that recovery might not necessarily look like what you think it does.


As Christians we’re called to live our lives boldly and trust in God’s plan for our lives. For many of us this is a constant struggle, a push-pull between needing to get things done and taking matters entirely into our own hands without any kind of prayer or consideration. But trusting doesn’t mean sitting back and just letting things happen. It means going forward where you feel called and trusting that God is waiting for you there in the same way that he’s with you here.


International travel has changed over and over again since early 2020, with everything from blanket restrictions to quarantining to testing, and it would be easy to write off travel as an option for yourself. It’s important to take the public health situation into consideration for sure, but our increased knowledge and safety policies mean that safe travel is an option for many.


Over and over again, God calls people out into the deep. Peter, sitting on a boat in the Sea of Galilee, didn’t imagine walking on water until Jesus called to him, but he went where he was asked, and his trust allowed him to do what would have been impossible otherwise.


Taking in life in a place that’s unfamiliar can bring you out of yourself–your comfort zone, your expectations of yourself, and your expectations of God–in a way that few other things can. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and filled with wonder makes room for the Holy Spirit to work in new ways. 


Being adventurous–sort of like being vulnerable, but with an added sense of fun–doesn’t mean that you have to go rock-climbing or travel the globe. Adventures can come in all shapes and sizes–a lot of what makes something an adventure is your attitude: your willingness to be vulnerable, encounter the sacred, and move forward into God’s grace. For some people now might be the right time for a small adventure, like a day in a new part of your city. Others might be experiencing the call to a bigger one, like a pilgrimage to a foreign country. What’s important is your willingness to trust in God’s call and pray about that next step.


If we keep moving forward in trust, God will call us to meet him and do great things.


Going on a pilgrimage is a special way to take a step forward on your faith journey. Contact us to learn more about the practice of pilgrimage and how Verso can support you on your journey.


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